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The UK National Shrine Of Padre Pio
Pantasaph, North Wales

Pray, Hope And Don't Worry

Welcome to our website dedicated to St. Pio's Peace Centre located at the Friary in Pantasaph, north Wales.

Pencil Drawing of Padre Pio

P eople have been coming to Pantasaph for over 125 years on a constant spiritual journey. In 1852 the church of St. Davidís, in Pantasaph was completed and, together with other buildings and surrounding land was given to the Franciscan Friars who arrived at that time. The Friary became the mother house, where all young postulants in Britain came to begin their novitiate. The order based at Pantasaph is the Capuchins and Padre Pio was also a Capuchin.

W hen the Brothers first arrived at Pantasaph, they offered God their sacrifice of praise and began working to make Pantasaph Ďa light on a hillí. Calvary was established on the hilltop, with a zigzagging footpath leading through the stations of the cross up to it. Our Ladyís grotto was created on the lower slopes. The friary church of Saint David was opened and the friars went out on missions across north Wales, planting churches along the coast. Pantasaph became a centre of pilgrimage offering a welcome to anyone who is sincerely searching for God.

S ince the feast of Pentecost 1999, the National Shrine of Padre Pio has been part of a spiritual pilgrimage. The garden Shrine was created at the foot of the hill that holds Calvary; the presence of Padre Pio so close to the cross seems an appropriate place for a friar who suffered the stigmata for fifty years. A large bronze statue of the saint which was donated by Mr & Mrs Greco, has been erected in the north west corner of the shrine. On the day of Padre Pioís canonisation, 16th June 2002, a smaller wooden statue was commissioned and blessed by Bishop Edwin Regan, to be sent out all across Britain as a pilgrim to visit people in their own churches and homes.

O ur Lady at Pantasaph......
"Oh Mary, sweet Mother of priests, I beg and implore you to thank Jesus today, tomorrow and forever."
Saint Pio was a remarkable witness to the truths of the revelation of Jesus Christ for our times. The aim of the shrine is to assist him as he said he would do even greater things for his spiritual children from heaven. These truths which he lived and personified in the model of his Lord and Master Jesus, are the hopes and aspirations we hold for those who come here. Now to be accompanied by his lady in heaven, Christ's mother, "The Virgin Of Fatima". We can have even greater confidence in approaching Jesus for that peace and healing that only He can give through the ministry of Saint Pio here at his national shrine.