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Pray, Hope And Don't Worry

Padre Pio Prayer Groups In Great Britain

"let the prayer groups be beacons of light in the community."

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P adre Pio Prayer Groups are open to all Roman Catholics and are affiliated to the International Association of Padre Pio Prayer Groups under the control of the Director General of the foundation "La Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza" (Home for the Relief of Suffering) which is the hospital founded by Padre Pio and dedicated in 1956.
Operating exclusively under the statutes approved by His Holiness Pope John Paul II, through a letter from the Secretary of State, Cardinal Agostino Casaroli and dated May 3rd 1986 (No. 160.9771A), the International Association of Prayer Groups administrative offices are in San Giovanni Rotondo, Foggia, Italy.

Suggestions On How To Start A Padre Pio Prayer Group.

T he catechism teaches us that Prayer is the raising up of the mind and heart to God. This being the case, then prayer must be a thinking process. The Padre Pio Prayer Groups are so structured as to meet all of the needs of the Church. This must be done in a wholesome, sincere way and to help you as much as we can; we have mapped out a few guidelines. To make our prayers heartfelt is really simple, we just look into the heart, to our lives and the experience we have known and see how it is like the life of Christ. If we see no resemblance then these are the areas where change is needed.

The Aims Of The Padre Pio Prayer Groups

T he nature of the groups: The spirituality of the groups is Franciscan and we try to follow the example of Padre Pio and live a good and holy life, prayer being the foundation on which we build.
The aims: To pray for all the Church's needs which include, of course, the need to reach out to those living in darkness, the lapsed and those searching for truth. Full details are available on all Prayer Group application forms. Please write or email the shrine office.

Invitation To Prayer

P adre Pio was a living image of Christ crucified, and as such was a great master of prayer. He felt its super - human power so profoundly that he wished to make it easier for his beloved spiritual children, and, as it were, leave it to them as a special legacy. To all who sought his help in times of distress he would say, " Pray, Hope and Don't Worry.'
He taught that prayer is indispensable in a Christian's life. We cannot be true Christians without prayer. He would say, " When we are seized with doubt, with anguish or with sorrow, then we have to turn to the Lord in prayer more than ever and find support and encouragement from it."
He used to say "Prayer is the best weapon we have. It is a key opening God's Heart." In the early 1950's when the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza (Home for the Relief of Suffering) was being built out of the enormous donations given by pilgrims to Padre Pio, he was often asked by those who were too poor to give much or any money, " What can I do to help?" Padre Pio's answer was simple:
"Pray together - but always with direction". So the Padre Pio Prayer Groups began. The directions are simple:-
To pray....

  1. for God's Will
  2. for the Pope
  3. for the relief of suffering in mind, spirit and body
  4. to obtain permission from the Parish Priest for the establishment of the Group
  5. to meet monthly
  6. to exercise filial obedience to Holy Mother Church

The gift of prayer is given by Almighty God. As much as you renounce your own will, your love of body and self, in the same measure you progress in simplicity and receive the gifts of His Sacred Heart.
Participators in Prayer Groups are asked to concern themselves most particularly with those who live in darkness - perhaps because they have refused to recognise Christ as He really is: all Love and Mercy.

  1. Opening prayer to the Holy Spirit.
  2. Gospel reading and sharing by whoever feels comfortable to join in.
  3. Learning to meditate on the Rosary and pray the decades. We sometimes take a decade on a weekly basis so as to fully investigate its meaning in our lives.
  4. Prayers for the needs of the Church, Our Holy Father, Priests, religious etc.
  5. Praise and thanksgiving and petitions for the sick and needy and personal needs.
  6. Prayer of Consecration to Our Blessed Lady.
  7. Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel and our Guardian Angels.
  8. Holy Souls and final prayer to Our Lady under the title of the Prayer Group.
  9. Devotion to the Divine Mercy.


H ouse Groups do not always have the advantage of a priest being present. Any Group can register under the National Assistant/Coordinator of Padre Pio Prayer Groups in Great Britain.


T he Prayer Groups are Family Groups. Try always to keep a good warm atmosphere and a nice cup of tea at the meetings never goes amiss.

God Bless You and may Padre Pio always intercede for your intentions.

padre pio of pietrelcina says: "pray, hope and don't worry!"

W e hope that the above information will enable more and more Prayer Groups to be established under the protection and guidance of Padre Pio. However, there is one worldwide prayer group that all can join which Padre Pio referred to as his own Prayer Group, that of joining all his spiritual children all over the world twice a day to say the Angelus at twelve and six o'clock. In that way the world has a constantly meeting prayer group meditating on the Incarnation, Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

" pray, hope and don't worry " .... padre pio

T he monthly Prayer Group meeting consists of, ideally, the Sacrifice of the Mass, and hymns and prayers suitable for each month or liturgical season. When it is not possible to have Mass, then New Testament readings and talks suitable for each month should be substituted, together with Bidding Prayers, short periods of meditation following the readings, and recitation of the Rosary or Way of the Cross.

If you are interested in starting a Padre Pio Prayer Group, please write to:-

FAO Secretary
St. Pio Peace Centre
Franciscan Friary
CH8 8PE.